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Elbow Arthroscopy

Elbow arthroscopy is a surgical procedure orthopedic surgeons use to diagnose and treat problems inside the elbow. A small incision is made in the skin and then a pencil-sized instrument, called arthroscope, is inserted to provide us a clear view of the elbow interior.

The arthroscope has fiber optics that transmit the image of the joint interior to a tiny camera, connected to a TV monitor. The image of the joint on the screen will allow the surgeon to examine in detail the interior of the joint and determine, in most of the cases, the cause of the problem. Likewise, during this procedure the surgeon will be able to insert, through one or more small incisions, other instruments inside the joint, allowing the surgeon to treat the pathology. Consequently, arthroscopy is a procedure that, besides the diagnosis, allows the treatment.

Compared with standard open surgery, which requires a larger incision in the skin, arthroscopy is less painful, carries less risk of infection, and has a faster recovery time.

Elbow arthroscopy is recommended for the following elbow problems:

• Intra-articular loose bodies
• Osteochondritis.
• Soft tissue pathologies: synovitis, adherences.

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Last Update: 07/23/2010
Note: This information is directed to support and not to replace your doctor opinion.

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