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  • The present web site has been designed to inform about services supplied by Sublimis or through qualified physicians with whom medical services are outsourced.

  • Sublimis hereby agrees and undertakes to protect the privacy of each and every patient who either visits our site or makes contact with us through other means. No record of visits will be kept and no registration is requested in order to have access to our web site. No personal information of anyone who requests an estimate or who chooses not to follow through with a procedure will be retained.

  • The information supplied in this web site is indicative and has no object to replace the relationship between you and your doctor Sublimis undertakes to set up the interviews and handle the scheduling of the medical procedures.

  • The information on our website was written by our doctors and by Sublimis' Staff under the supervision of our doctors.

  • Information on medical treatments, their procedures and their results are based on our doctors’ experience and knowledge. Some texts are based on information provided by ASPS.

  • Financing: This website is entirely financed by resources of our organization. Sublimis.com doesn’t receive any advertising finance; the mentioning of trademarks is only for information.

  • Currently we are using Google Analytics to analyze the audience of the website and improve our content. No personal information is collected from Google Analytics. For further information on the privacy policy concerning Google Analytics, please go here.

  • The content, brand, logos and other commercial matters related to the site are duly registered and protected under intellectual property rights. Therefore, the use for commercial purposes and distribution of contents should be previously authorized by Sublimis

  • The pictures that demonstrate our clinical cases, before and after, have not been digitally modified nor in any way enhanced. The before-after pictures present the same person. These persons explicitly agreed to have their pictures taken and to be published. It is important to know that the result presented concerns this particular person and we cannot guarantee the exact same result, since it varies depending on the patient.

  • Estimates will be valid for a limited period, and it will be no longer than 30 days. The final amount to be paid by the patient will be confirmed based on information supplied by the patient. If at the moment the patient is consulting in situ our doctors, the physician determines that there is false information, facts, or circumstances that were not mentioned, this final quotation can be modified according to the confirmed truth and real physical condition of the patient. Likewise, under these circumstances, the physician or Sublimis can refuse to perform the service for any reason beyond his will. Consultations made through the site are free of charge, cases in which information cannot be publicized or disclosed.

  • In the estimates, a post-procedure period of recovery has been estimated. Nevertheless, if under any circumstance beyond the control of the physician and solely inherent to the patient or when by reason of unforeseeable circumstance of any kind, the convalescence period needs to be extended, the patient may request an additional extension of the stay, with the understanding that all related and additional costs will be borne exclusively by the patient, and at which time the initiation of services will be guaranteed.

  • Before the surgical procedure, patients must sign a service rendering contract and prior informed consent where they declare their express consent to undergo the desired procedures.

  • Desistance will have the following consequences: a) the reservation will not be reimbursed to the patient since costs will be covered with that amount; b) If the patient decides to cancel the trip after having paid the total amount, the service may be reactivated within thirty calendar days, maintaining the price of those services which are under the control of Sublimis and physicians, and not including other costs of services rendered by third parties such as accommodation, all types of transportation, medicine, etc.; c) Before or once the period has expired, if desistance is definitive, 70% of payment will be reimbursed to the patient; d) If the patient, being already in Argentina, decides to cancel the proceeding, he/she will get a reimbursement equal to the amount paid for the procedures not being performed. Costs for a companion of any kind are not included unless by express agreement to the contrary.

  • Sublimis is not responsible for referral of patients. Physicians will rely on the duly medical responsibility insurance. The Argentine Legislation will be considered applicable to all cases and the competent courts will be those of the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

Last update: December 2018.

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