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The Chronic Venous Insufficiency has a variety of symptoms and signs:  varicose vein, thrombosis, phlebitis, blue veins among others.  Our vein center offers all types of vein treatments for these venous disorders.


The lymphedema treatment that we offer is an intensive clinical treatment with a transdisciplinarian approach. It´s oriented to patients with chronic lymphedema, and contemplates life quality improvement as well as support for active social reinsertion, working intensely to reduce the edema and its symptoms.

Sclerotherapy is an effective and minimally invasive medical-cosmetic treatment that fights varicose veins. It applies to small veins, less than 3mm called telangiectasis or spider veins.

This type of treatment offers a great variety of options depending on the specific pathology of the patient (varicose vein, thrombosis, phlebitis). Our vein specialist usually performs a microsurgery and laser combined procedure or a laser vein removal.


Juan Manuel Carbonell, M.D.

Professional Medical License: 29796/1

  • Specialist in Phlebology and Lymphology.

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Written by Juan Manuel Carbonell, M.D.
Last update: 13/01/2019
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