Ear Surgery

Duración del Tratamiento


45 - 90 Minutes



5 - 7 Days












USD 1,900

Otoplasty in Argentina

The main objective of otoplasty or ear surgery is to modify the size and shape of your ears in order to give them a more pleasant look. If you have too big ears or they stand out prominently, this is your chance to stop being ashamed of them and harmonize your face.

The Procedure

In the first step, the surgeon makes a vertical incision on the back of each ear exposing the cartilage that is under the skin (this cartilage is what gives the ear firmness and defines its shape).After that, there are two kinds of procedures according to the particular characteristics of each case: a) The surgeon sculpts the cartilage and folds it towards the head in order to reduce its projection, after that he sutures with permanent stitches that will hold it in the desired position. b) The surgeon removes part of the cartilage to achieve a larger reduction before folding it towards the head, after that he sutures with permanent stitches that will hold it in the desired position.

After the Surgery

  • You will be able to resume most normal activities. You can go back to work or school in about 5 or 7 days. You will not be able to do any heavy lifting (nothing over 25 lbs.) and for strenuous activity or contact sports you will have to wait 1 to 2 months.

  • You will not be able to bend. If you need to bend, you will have to bend at your knees.

  • You will not be able to wash your hair with shampoo for one week after surgery. After one week you will have to be careful while washing your hair so that you do not get any water in your ear.

  • You will have to keep your ears dry if you have sutures behind it.

What are the possible side-effects and complications of an otoplasty?

The practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science. Although this operation doesn't have practically any type of side-effects some of the risks and potential complications that can occur are infection, fluid accumulation, changes in skin sensation, skin discoloration and/or swelling, etc.

What can be expected from an ear surgery?

The results of the ear surgery are to reshape the ears, permanently reduce the size of larger ones and set prominent ears back closer to the head.

What can NOT be expected?

Even though it will make your face look more beautiful and harmonious, and it will probably also improve your self-esteem, You cannot expect to make you look perfect. We must be realistic and accept that that kind of perfection does not exist.

Check out our ear surgery before & after photo gallery. Here you can view actual patient before and after pictures from plastic surgeons in Argentina. These photographs represent typical results, but we cannot guarantee the exact same result as the images below, since it varies depending on the patient.

Before and after an otoplasty.
Ear Surgery, before and after.