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Information about Thyroidectomy in Argentina

The thyroid is a small gland located at the base of the neck and produces hormones that regulate metabolism. Although its function may be affected when there is a greater or lesser production of these hormones, the gland may be enlarged and form nodules.

Thyroid nodules are common and are present in more than 40% of the population. While most are benign, a small percentage corresponds to malignant tumors, and the possibility to heal them with proper treatment justifies the efforts for early diagnosis.

How are they diagnosed?

Usually the patient perceives a ball in the neck that motivates their consultation with the clinician. Other times, the nodules appear on an ultrasound that the endocrinologist asked to evaluate the state of the gland.

The most common diagnostic tests include ultrasound and fine needle aspiration. When there are warning signs, the node is considered as "suspicious" and surgery is recommended for treatment. This is important because even in the worst case, ie if a nodule is cancerous, surgery can cure the disease adequately in 95% of cases.

Thyroid Surgery Procedure

Laparoscopic thyroidectomy found its development over the last few years and involves making an incision of just one centimeter at the base of the neck, through which creates a workspace on the thyroid. Then a high resolution camera is placed to visualize the work area in great detail on a monitor, and through delicate instrumental the operation is completed with minimal tissue damage.


Once the thyroid surgery is completed, the patient remains in the recovery room for observation until fully awake and able to function normally. After a day of observation, the patient is discharged the day after surgery.

You can perform normal activities after been discharge and is recommended to start physical activity 15 to 20 days after the operation. It is necessary to go to the specialist after 7 days to monitor progress until the final pathology report.

Advantages of Laparoscopic Thyroid Gland Removal

  • Safer-Surgery: The thyroid is located in a very delicate neck area and is in contact with important elements such as the parathyroid glands or the recurrent laryngeal nerve, which lets you talk normally. The image magnification allows to operate with greater detail, giving more security to the procedure.

  • Best recovery: It generates a minimum tissue damage that allows a speedy recovery so the patient can return to work activity without discomfort or risk.

  • Aesthetic result: Only a one centimeter incision remains at the base of the neck with an excellent cosmetic result.

  • Intervening-professional team: These techniques can be performed by professionals with extensive experience in endocrine surgery and minimally invasive surgery.