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Our Medical Treatments and Medical Tourism Program can be resumed in 9 Steps:

First Step: Contact Us

You can contact Sublimis through this website or by phone. We will request you to send us 3 pictures of the areas you wish to enhance (front, side and angle) so the doctor can examine them. Even though we cover all the pre medical exams, we suggest our patients to get them done before traveling; this will ensure your eligibility for the desired treatment.

Second Step: Contact de Surgeon

After you send us all the information, we will forward the pictures and exams to the doctor. The doctor and his team will examine the pictures and medical exams in order to confirm that you are fit to undergo the treatment you are interested in. Finally we will send you an approximate cost as well as the length of your stay and all kind of recommendations.

Third Step: Patient Confirmation

Once you have all the information and price of the package, you will have time to think about it and you should ask any and all questions you may have. We recommend not going into surgery having any unanswered questions, doubts, or concerns. You should send us an email with anything you would like answered.

Fourth Step: Reservations Confirmed

Once you have decided to come, we will confirm you the date of your treatment and you will have to make your initial payment. After that we will take care of all the hotel reservations and transfers in order to organize under the best conditions your surgery and your stay.

Fifth Step: Your Arrival to Córdoba

Once you arrive at Cordoba’s International Airport a Sublimis bilingual assistant will welcome you and transport you to your hotel in a private vehicle. Your assistant will give you a cell phone in order to keep in touch with her/him. She/he will go over your schedule and details of your trip as well as get you acquainted with the place you are staying. The second payment must be done.

Sixth Step: Last Consultations before the Treatment

Prior to your requested procedure, you will have your medical exams completed. After that, Sublimis will program all your preoperative consultation with your surgeon and anesthetist as soon as possible. The surgeon and the anesthetist will answer all your questions and you will have to agree on the expected results of your surgery. You will have to discuss the possible alternatives and show that you understand well the risks of the intervention.

Seventh Step: The Medical Treatment

After having completed your medical exams, meeting the surgeon and anesthesiologist, you will have the treatment done the following morning. .

Eighth Step: Recovery

After the surgery, the surgeon will give you several instructions about the recovery you must have. During the first few days it is common that you feel some discomfort maybe some pain. We recommend at this time that you follow the doctor's exact instructions eating, drinking, resting, etc.

Ninth Step: Returning Home

Finally, at the last consultation with your surgeon, the stitches will be removed (if applicable) and you will be granted a medical authorization from the doctor to return to your home country. Your bilingual assistant will pick you up and take you to the airport in order to fly back home.
Back home we will remain in contact with you considering that your recovery is very important to us. Medical follow-up consultations using e-mails as well as the phone are available constantly in addition to consultations with recommended surgeons in your country if needed. .


These are some of the experiences told by our patients.

Mary J.W. (London, UK) - Chin implants and Eyelid Surgery

"There is no way that I can limit my words to fit a standard medical testimonial. It is not possible... my face is beautiful. My chin is stronger and more lovely than it ever was. My eyes are now the pretty eyes they once were....you are a blessing to me, and you are surrounded by a superb staff."

Jaqueline T.(Texas, USA) - Liposuction

"It's difficult to express how thrilled I am with my liposuction! My whole life has changed. I've gone down three sizes in clothing! There is no longer the huge decision every morning on what to wear. I look forward to liposuction on another area very soon. Thanks again for your expertise and your great staff."

Ann M. (California, USA) - Facelift

"My experience with Sublimis was phenomenal. For so long, I wanted to fit in and fell accepted and now since my surgery, I have exceeded that expectation. I am so pleased with my results that I recommend any plastic surgery procedure to anyone who is interested. It made a difference in my life and I am glad that I went through with it."

Richard Dean A. (Texas, USA) - Brachioplasty

"I got my Arm lift in Córdoba Argentina about one month ago, it consists is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin to tone and tighten the appearance of upper arm consider an arm lift to restore as it was when i was young. I´m very happy with the results of the whole experience."


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