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Medical Spa

Medical Spa in Argentina

When we refer to health we mean a healthy body in harmony with soul and spirit. Sometimes this delicate balance is affected by different factors of our daily activity and do not allow us to enjoy life to the fullest. Many times, to recover this balance, ambulatory treatments are just not enough and traditional hospitalization is not an adequate approach either.

Our Medical Spa in Argentina was created to give a medical solution for these problems, providing natural surroundings and an agreeable and peaceful ambience favouring patient's recovery. Patients who visited our health resort have been able to overcome their problems of obesity, stress, and nutrition whilst enjoying relaxation in the most pleasant natural surroundings.

Our Health Resort offers medical treatments for a better life quality, conceived from an integral perspective of the person: we treat body, nurture the mind, care for the spirit in each of our therapies, and we educate with the objective of incorporating good health habits and prevent health risk factors.

Covid-19 Update: We meet all the biosecurity measures in the health industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. To be able to stay at out Medical Spa you must have a negative test result for coronavirus.


Addictions are chronic, progressive and recurrent illnesses that affect a person in five areas: physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual. Fortunately, these addictions are treatable and full recovery is possible

Our Life Extension Program is unique in Argentina and offers you an effective way to improve your quality of life and to recover vitality. Our Anti-Aging Treatment is based on an integral health concept supported by the latest scientific developments and therapeutic procedures.

Stress is a normal reaction of our body in defiant or risk situations. This generates a process of interaction of our individual response with the surrounding events.

Currently, obesity is not only considered a disease in itself, but is also identified as a factor favouring other acute and chronic pathologies, some of which are irreversible.


Health Resort

Medical Spa dedicated to health care, prevention, and treatment of post-modern medical conditions.

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Last update: 28/08/2022
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