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Weight Loss Retreat in Argentina

Currently, obesity is not only considered a disease in itself, but is also identified as a factor favouring other acute and chronic pathologies, some of which are irreversible.

Obesity aggravates and statistically increases the risk of suffering pathologies derived from obesity such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic, ostheoarticular, obstetric, and psychosocial dysfunctions, X syndrome, and increase in intra and post surgery complications among others.

Our Medical Spa in Argentina offers weight loss treatments that are conducted from an integrated scientific-medical approach and allow you to lose weight in a week. Every person's specific needs are treated with a permanent personalized medical supervision, with adequate infrastructure with beautiful natural surroundings, favoring success in the treatment of this ailment.


The weight loss programs offered in our Health Resort in Córdoba, Argentina are specially indicated for:

  • Minimizing the causes for abandoning the treatment

  • Cases of "untreatable obesity"

  • Temporary containment in "life crises"

  • In pre or post-surgery in cases of general surgery

  • In preparation for bariatric surgery and post surgery recovery

  • Minimizing the "plateau effect"

  • Increase of motivation and adherence to the treatment

  • To learn through practice how to modify life habits

  • Improvement in the illnesses associated with obesity (hypertension, gastritis, miocardiopathologies, type 2 diabetes, joints pain, and sleep apnea)

If you are looking for a way to kick start a lasting Weight Loss and a healthy lifestyle, then this program is for you.

Our Weight Loss Program in Argentina

The goal of our Weight Loss Program is to obtain an important weight reduction, which impacts directly in clinical improvement, and patient motivation, while a specialized team of professionals works on eating habits, knowing that psycho-education is an irreplaceable pillar for the treatment of chronic pathologies. Our Weight Loss Program will prepare you to go back to the "real" world, and ensure that you are on track to make the lasting changes that will guarantee long-term success.

The first step of our weight-loss treatment is a complete initial medical consultation that includes:

  • A personalized nutritional interview

  • Full medical checkup

  • Routine medical tests and electrocardiogram

  • Vitamins and mineral supplements

  • Lectures on healthy living and wellness, essential support for lifestyle change

Our weight loss program includes physical and recreational activities such as:

  • Guided walks and hiking with personal trainer

  • Gymnastics (Aquatic, Shaping, Anti-stress)

  • Stretching

  • Classes of rhythms

  • Personal advice on physical activity

  • Mountain Bike

  • Yoga

You can use all the hotel facilities which include:

  • Accommodation in different room categories

  • Gourmet kitchen as indicated in your diet therapy

  • Springwater and infusions

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pool with jacuzzi

  • Library and games room

  • Tennis and Volleyball

  • Wi-Fi

Thus, with the containment of a single team in professionalism, excellence and innovation, and surrounded by the bounties of Bamba nature reserve, we are sure to accompany you in your determination to successfully achieve a healthy weight.


Sublimis' weight loss program will allow you to take control of your health, something you just might not be able to do in the "real world" if left to your own resources. By the time you leave our Health Resort you'll be more relaxed, fit and well on your way to realizing your weight loss goals. Other benefits that you will also get are:

  • Significant weight loss

  • Diagnosis of current clinical status

  • Change in your eating habits

  • Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD)

  • Psycho-Education, which will help you in handling the problem of overweight