Argentina: Plastic Surgery Prices

H&C Sublimis provides you the best medical treatment under the care of highly qualified professionals.

Argentina is the leading destination of americans and europeans for abroad medical care due to its high standard private medical system and professionals. Argentina´s prices are low compared with medical care prices in the United States, Canada or the UK.

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We have the best prices regarding medical care in Argentina.

You may wonder how is it possible that the prices are so low? This is due to two main factors:

1. The cost of living in Argentina is very low compared to that of European or North American countries. Medicine is no exception, which is why medical treatment in Argentina is cheaper than in other countries.

2. This, together with a favorable exchange rate used in Argentina (US$ 1 = ARS 3,3; € 1 = ARS 4,2 y £1 = ARS 5) offers you the opportunity to obtain top quality treatments and affordable prices.

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