Tummy Tucks for Men?

Tummy Tucks for Men?

Women aren’t the only ones who care about their bodies. Though men are less open about it they, too, want to look and feel their best. Most men develop loose skin after a significant weight loss or gastric bypass surgery. Aging, too, can cause the skin to lose its elasticity, and result in sagging skin.

Tummy tuck surgery, formally known as abdominoplasty, can be performed as a full, partial or extended abdominoplasty. The closer you are to your ideal weight, the better results you can expect.

A full tummy tuck involves incisions from the pubic area up to each hip, and vertically to, and around the belly button. The skin flaps are separated from the muscle, and then the muscle connective tissue is sutured to bring it closer together, flattening and tightening the muscles. Liposuction may be done at this point if there is excess fat. The skin flaps are then pulled snugly to fit the abdomen, trimmed to fit around the navel and to remove excess skin, and sutured. Lastly, drains are placed to reduce fluid buildup, and will remain in place for a few weeks, until swelling goes down and healing is nearly complete. Surgery can take up to five hours, and is done under general anesthesia.

Partial tummy tuck is similar to its full counterpart, but involves only the abdominal area below the level of the navel. The incision above the pubic bone is shorter, not extending all the way to the hip, and there is no need for the vertical incision, as the skin above the navel will not be displaced. The procedure is similar-liposuction may be done if there is excessive fat, and the lower abdominal muscles tightened by suturing. The skin is pulled down and trimmed off, then sutured closed. Drains are needed to reduce fluid buildup, which remain in place until swelling begins to resolve. Surgery takes about two hours, and is done, usually, under general anesthesia. ASPS has animated both procedures to give you a better understanding.

An extended tummy tuck reaches beyond the abdomen to the sides, above the hip, to remove those precious love handles. The incision extends beyond the hip, and an additional procedure, liposuction, can be done to remove excess fat. Aside from including an area that extends to the sides of the abdomen, the procedure is not much different from a full-abdominoplasty.

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