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Male Breast Reduction

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USD 1,700

Gynecomasty in Argentina

Gynecomasty is the abnormal enlargement of the male breast. A male breast reduction surgery can help those men who feel self-conscious about their appearance. When this procedure is taken, fat and glandular tissue are removed from the breasts and in extreme cases excess skin is also removed, resulting in a flatter, firmer, and better contoured chest.

The Procedure

In a typical procedure, an incision is made, either in the armpit area or on the edge of the areola. When the incision is done, the surgeon cuts away the excess glandular tissue, fat and skin from around the areola and from the sides and bottom of the breast. If major reductions are needed, a larger incision will be made so that the surgeon can remove a significant amount of tissue and skin. If liposuction is used to remove excess fat, the cannula is usually inserted through the existing incisions.

A small incision, less than a half-inch in length, is made around the edge of the areola. Or, the incision can be placed in the armpit area. A slim hollow tube called a cannula which is attached to a vacuum pump is then inserted into the incision. After that, the surgeon moves the cannula through the layers beneath the skin, breaking up the fat and suctioning it out.

There are some cases where large amounts of fat or glandular tissue have been removed and skin may not adjust well to the new smaller breast contour. When this happens, excess skin may have to be removed to allow the remaining skin to firmly re-adjust to the new breast contour.

Once closed, the incisions are usually covered with a dressing. The chest may be wrapped to keep the skin firmly in place.

After the Surgery

After this surgery, you will probably feel some discomfort for a few days. However, this can be controlled with medications prescribed by your surgeon. You'll be swollen and bruised for awhile; in fact, you may wonder if there's been any improvement at all. You will have to wear an elastic bustle for a week or two and for a few weeks longer at night. This will help the correct positioning of the glands during the healing period in order to maintain their symmetry and compactness. It will also help to reduce swelling

Returning to Normal Routine

You will be able to return to your current activity 2 or 3 days after the operation. Pain may persist for a period and if so, avoidance of activities requiring intensive use of the arms is recommended. Intense physical exercise should be postponed in order to ensure the proper healing of the scars.

You will be able to return to your complete activity 2 or 3 weeks after the surgery, but this period may vary in length, depending on the technique employed and level of exertion during current activities. The plastic surgeon will recommend the optimum time when normal life may be resumed.

What are the possible side-effects and complications of gynecomasty?

The practice of medicine and surgery is not an exact science. Although this operation doesn't have practically any type of side-effects some of the risks and potential complications that can occur are infection, fluid accumulation, changes in nipple or breast sensation, skin discoloration and/or swelling, etc

What can be expected from a male breast reduction?

The results of this surgery will lead to increased confidence, as the new look will be pleasing to the eye.

The results of the male breast reduction are significant and permanent. If your expectations are realistic, chances are good that you'll be very satisfied with your new look.

What can NOT be expected?

This surgery won't necessarily change your looks to match your ideal. Before you decide to have surgery, you will have to think carefully about your expectations and discuss them frankly with your plastic surgeon.

SPECIALIST IN Male Breast Reduction

Hugo Luciano Monjo, M.D.

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Check out our gynecomasty before & after photo gallery. Here you can view actual patient before and after pictures from plastic surgeons in Argentina. These photographs represent typical results, but we cannot guarantee the exact same result as the images below, since it varies depending on the patient.

Before and after a gynecomasty.
Before and after a male breast reduction surgery.
Gynecomasty, before and after.
Male breast reduction surgery, before and after.

How much does a gynecomasty cost abroad? The reference price for a male breast reduction in Argentina is USD 1,700 but this may vary according to the needs and requirements of each patient. Please fill in the form below to contact us and get your free quote!

Our prices includes: pre and post surgery consultations and controls; plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, assistances fees; surgery and recovery room; supplies and disposable materials. Bilingual assistant, accommodation and transfers are optional. Prescribe medication after surgery, implants and/or surgical belts (if required) are not included. No hidden fees!

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Written by Hugo Luciano Monjo, M.D.
Last update: 20/02/2024
Note: This information serves as support and does not replace your doctors opinion.

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