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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Argentina

Breast reconstruction surgery is a reconstructive procedure that recreates the natural appearance of a breast after a mastectomy (breast removal due to a tumor or cancer).


The ideal candidate is any woman who has been mastectomized and it is contraindicated in patients that smokes (healing problems) and patients who had undergone abdominal surgery and had damaged the blood supply to the abdominal wall.

The Surgery

Reconstruction techniques depend on the type of breast removal surgery, the amount of preserved tissue, cancer prognosis among others. There are two types of reconstruction:

  • Immediate Reconstruction: When the breast is reconstructed at the same time as the mastectomy is performed.

  • Delayed Reconstruction: When the breast is reconstructed later.

There are different techniques of breast reconstruction:

  • By placing prosthesis

  • Skin expansion: it consists of expanding the skin and then placing a prosthesis

  • Use of own tissue: consists of transplanting tissue from other parts of the body (back, abdomen, legs). This is the most complex and requires more recovery time but has a superior aesthetic result

The nipple reconstruction techniques are:

  • Dermal graft

  • Lift the skin of the areola

The techniques of reconstruction of the areola are:

  • Inner thigh

  • Contralateral

  • Tattoo

After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

There may be some mild pain, which can be managed with a prescription of medicine by the plastic surgeon.

It is extremely important to keep the area around the stitches clean. Avoid submerging the incision in water and do not let anything or dirt and any product not recommended by the specialist in contact with this region. Should be avoided for 2 to 3 weeks any strenuous activity, weight lifting. This will prolong the healing time and will cause a more visible scar. The reconstruction of the breast does not regain the natural sensitivity of the breast. Over time the scars will fade but never in its entirety.

In the following photo gallery you will find images of before and after breast reconstruction surgery. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult our doctors and receive your free quote.

Before and after a breast reconstruction surgery
Breast Reconstruction, before and after photos