Chemical Peels

Duración del Tratamiento


30 Minutes, 4 Sessions






Not required



12 Months



Not required



USD 50

Chemical Peels in Argentina

The peeling or skin exfoliation consists in producing the renewal of the superficial layers of the skin producing a rapid cell turnover. The chemical peel uses different chemicals to improve the skin texture. Another treatment to exfoliate and resurfaces the skin is the Diamond Microdermabrasion.


Chemical peel is indicated for facial rejuvenation when the aging of the skin is slight to moderate. Chemical peel is used for:

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Skin blemishes treatment (hyperpigmentation of the skin)

  • Improve acne scars

  • Enhance the appearance of sun-damaged skin (photoaging of the skin)

Chemical peels depending on the agent used and time of contact can be:

  • Mild Superficial Peel: Used to exfoliate the corneum state or the granular.

  • Superficial Peel: Exfoliation is performed to the superficial papillary dermis. Does not improve skin disorders.

  • Medium Peel: Are the best to solve the problems of the skin, exfoliation is from the papillary dermis to superficial reticular dermis. Skin peeling may occur later.

  • Deep Peel: Used to reverse serious damage to the skin but should be done under strict control.


Before any chemical peel, the face should be cleaned with a solution that will remove fatty substances and prepare the skin to absorb the substance applied. Different chemicals are apply on the skin in order to exfoliate the outer layers. The deeper, more effects, but also more risks. They are used mainly in the skin of the face, neck, hands, legs and back.

Duration: 30 minutes.
Frequency: Superficial peeling can be repeated every 15-30 days. The number of sessions varies, but is estimated the average of 4 sessions.
Recovery time: Superficial peels allow to continue with normal activity, medium peels are accompanied by post skin peeling and deep peels require recovery time. Avoid sun exposure during treatment and depending on the depth reached up to a month later.


The Chemical Peel causes cell renewal and stimulates collagen production to give greater elasticity to the skin. Also regulates the surface of the skin, clears spots and reduce wrinkles. The deeper the peel, the results will be longer. Your skin will look renewed and radiant for about a year.