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Scar Removal Surgery

Scar Removal Surgery

Scar Removal Surgery in Argentina

Scars are composed of fibrous tissue and are the body's natural way of healing after a surgery, burn, crash, acne, among others.

Depending on the type of scar, you cannot always remove it but you can improve its appearance. Sometimes you will need to make more than one surgery and use more than one technique.

The procedure

There are different techniques to remove a scar:

  • Surgical intervention: to treat retractable type scars, the affected tissue is removed entirely using flaps of skin (or skin grafts if possible) and form a new scar.
  • Z-plasty: to move from place making it less visible scar.
  • Steroid injections: to treat keloid and hypertrophic scars
  • Microdermabrasion: to treat irregular scars or of thickened appearance    
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing : to treat fine scars.

Anesthesia: It depends on the type of scar.
Recovery Time: It depends on the type of scar. Some can take up more than a year to acquire their best.

After surgery

After a scar removal you will have to avoid activities that cause tension in the treated area and use cold compresses to reduce swelling. Sutures are removed a few days after surgery and the wound will take time to heal.


1- Does the scar removal have any contradictions or side effects?
It has the same risks of any surgery (bruises, scars, swelling).

2- Is this procedure painful?
Depending on the type of scar will use local or general anesthesia.

3- How many surgeries are needed?
Depending on the type of scar sometimes it will be necessary to perform more than one surgery and use more than one technique.

4- How long does it take for the scar to acquire a natural look?
It depends on the type of scar, some can take more than a year to acquire their best.


How much does a scar removal surgery cost abroad? The reference price for a laser stretch mark treatment in Argentina is USD1,200 but this may vary according to the needs and requirements of each patient. Please fill in the form below to contact us and get your Free Quotation!

Our prices includes: pre and post surgery consultations and controls; plastic surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, assistances fees; surgery and recovery room; supplies and disposable materials. Bilingual assistant, accommodation and transfers are optional. Prescribe medication after surgery, implants and/or surgical belts (if required) are not included. No hidden fees!

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Publication date: 04/10/2016
Note: This information serves as support and does not replace your doctor's opinion. Written by Thomas Pizarro.


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